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Strategy & Results Management AI for your software of choice
Align Your Business

Get everyone on the same page with strategy alignment and results measurements: Company, Business Unit, Team, Individual.

Synergize Strategies with OKRs and KPIs

Simplify and automate strategic business reviews and execution paths in one source of data-enriched truth throughout your company.

Go Forward Faster

Pivot faster towards growth with AI suggestions and recommendations, integrations with your favorite tools, and best practice expertise from experts in the field.


How it works


Using your company's internal data and external market and competitor data, Hailio aligns your company's information into whatever cloud software you use today using artificial intelligence, reducing the time spent on gathering scattered, siloed info across groups.


Manage your entire company's strategic goals, objectives and key results over time, at every level, in whichever cloud applications you use today. Outrun competitive threats with AI recommendations, a true first in strategy and results management.

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