Our mission is to provide an aligned, transparent and fun way to execute on strategies throughout any organization.


Strategic planning, development and execution are manual and frustrating processes, run mostly from spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and data from multiple people and disparate systems.

Most strategic documents and plans live in none other than email systems and clouds, like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Excel, G Mail, G Suite....you get it.


Some organizations buy OKR or other strategy management tools, which is fine, except that they may end up becoming expensive to implement, maintain, and use, leading to their abandonment, like that dusty PowerPoint in your OneDrive that has last year's strategic plan on it. 

Unlike email. Let's face it, email is your ride or die.


That is why you have your strategy, plans, updates, and your Monthly and Quarterly Business Review docs sitting in your email or your consultant's email.


We'll help you make the most of your O365 or G Suite, so that you don't have to get trained on some new tool or process. Or, the consultant that you hired doesn't need an expensive license to your OKR tool, and they don't need to federate with your Active Directory.


 You need to get your job done, after all, and your boss and/or consultant live in email...which is already natively integrated with everything else on every platform...no setup time required.

So, sign up for the waitlist for your productivity cloud provider to get Hailio's intelligence today.

Hailio values all people, organizations, and our planet.

Hailio gives you an intelligent way to gather all of your planning and execution data without having to adopt one more tool. There are too many!

In this day and age, every workforce needs to deliver as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We're not trying to get you out of using your email as storage for your planning and execution.

Founder Story

After running her first corporate strategic planning effort at Microsoft, working with a $78 million budget and 150+ senior stakeholders from across the company, Hailio founder Kristine Campbell realized quickly that tracking all of this effort manually was a huge pain for her and everyone else. Oh, the groans she heard echoing in the hallways of RTC-4!

Luckily, Kristine had success running and scaling her first company for 8 years before that, where she doubled revenue year over year.  Being raised in a family of wildly successful entrepreneurs, one thing she knew from this background was that to run a company well that would last a long time, she needed to approach Hailio with the same leader-doer mindset: focus on the strategic objectives and building lasting relationships, and only on those.

"Being a business and technology triple threat leader in many industries and at Fortune 100 companies running strategic planning, creating products and projects, and implementing them, I knew firsthand that strategies were difficult to manage and scale on spreadsheets and PowerPoints. To solve this for my corporate friends going through the same pains, we created a super simple and fun way for them to come together, using intelligent automation in one place for one purpose, to grow the business. There is no use in adopting yet another OKR tool when you already use Office 365 or G Suite to manage your business today. May as well make them a little smarter and easier for your employees to deliver on company and team objectives.”

Hailio is dedicated to bringing transparency, intelligence, simplicity, fun and strategy automation to organizations of all sizes, integrating with popular cloud platforms and productivity tools.

Hailio's strong vision and the strength of the team has attracted interest from many first and potential customers and investors. Since starting in June 2019 when Kristine graduated from the Founder Gym accelerator and the WXR Fund accelerator, the intelligence is in beta and is a "zebra" company, choosing to forgo venture capital investments in order to build a sustainable, strong, long-lasting business.