Our mission is to provide a transparent and fun way to execute on strategies throughout any organization.


Strategic planning, development and execution are manual and frustrating processes, run mostly from spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and data from multiple people and disparate systems.


They're about as exciting as cleaning your toilet and prone to needing a plunger way more often.

So, it may as well be fun and interactive. 

Hailio values all people, organizations, and our planet.



It covers everywhere we need to focus, like a good strategy.

In this day and age, every workforce needs to deliver as efficiently and effectively as possible, without walking out, giving up, or re-orging, again.

Have fun while getting s*it done.

Founder Story

After running her first corporate strategic planning effort at Microsoft, working with a $78 million budget and 150+ senior stakeholders from across the company, Hailio founder Kristine Campbell realized quickly that tracking all of this effort manually was a huge pain for her and everyone else. Oh, the groans she heard echoing in the hallways of RTC-4!

Luckily, Kristine had success running and scaling her first company for 8 years before that, where she doubled revenue year over year.  Being raised in a family of wildly successful entrepreneurs, one thing she knew from this background was that to run a company well that would last a long time, she needed to approach Hailio with the same "fancy britches, friendly Texas woman, git it done" mindset: focus on the strategic objectives and building lasting relationships, and only on those.

"Being a business and technology triple threat leader in many industries and at Fortune 100 companies running strategic planning, creating products and projects, and implementing them, I knew firsthand that strategies were difficult to manage and scale on spreadsheets and PowerPoints. To solve this for my corporate friends going through the same pains, I created a super simple and fun tool that aligned strategic objectives to execution across all levels, where it would come together with added intelligence in one place for one purpose, to grow the business, for all of us with short attention spans. and a growling hunger for one source of the truth. And maybe some barbeque and beers too.”

Hailio is dedicated to bringing transparency, intelligence, simplicity, fun and strategy automation to organizations of all sizes.

Hailio's strong vision and the strength of the team has attracted interest from many first and potential customers and investors. Since starting in June 2019 when Kristine graduated from the Founder Gym accelerator and being in the WXR Fund Accelerator, the platform is in beta, onboarding (with revenue!) in the healthcare industry.


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