Pricing and Features


$99/mo flat rate for up to 10 users

billed annually or $129/mo billed monthly

Features and Pricing

Built for anyone to have fun with strategy alignment and delivery execution, from C-Suite and those later in career, to middle management, to the individual team member and those early in career, digital natives and non-natives alike.


For smaller companies wanting to get out of Excel, PowerPoint, Slides, Sheets, or off their hard drives and notebooks

$99/mo for up to 10 users

billed annually, or 


billed monthly

Artificial Intelligence

  • Market Benchmarking

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Competitor Benchmarking

  • Assistant to help you out and find things

Strategies, OKRs, KPIs & Execution: Business and IT

  • Ability to cascade Strategies, OKRs and KPIs from company to teams and individual levels

  • Visual, interactive, fun, easy to use views of company, team, and individual strategic objectives, results, timelines and projects

  • Slack integration

  • Google SSO

  • Approval workflow process if you need to update something

  • Data integrations through Zapier

  • Looks good on everything

  • Self-service support and help

  • Extensive resources for industry-leading strategies, frameworks, toolkits, plans, OKRs, KPIs, and many more! 


For growth-stage companies wanting to scale beyond only managing OKRs and into crushing it

$29/mo per user

billed annually, or 

$39/mo per user

billed monthly

Everything in Starter plus...


Artificial Intelligence

  • Internal Benchmarking from multiple disparate systems & sources

  • Recommendations & Forecasting

Coaching and Consulting​​​​​​

Discounted Consulting rates


For larger companies wanting a complete, intelligent solution

Ask Us. Happy to Oblige.

Everything in Growth plus...


Artificial Intelligence

  • Specific use cases for your business units and overall company

  • Bespoke external intelligence

Strategies, OKRs, KPIs & Execution: Business and IT

  • Unlimited Strategies, OKRs and KPIs at any levels​

  • Slack & Teams integrations


  • Premium data integrations (Jira, Confluence, Salesforce, and many others)​

  • Dedicated support and help

First off, we take your security and privacy concerns seriously, because, after all, you're trusting Hailio with your company strategies, which we're pretty sure you don't want to get out...unless, of course, you choose to disclose them.


Hailio is built on Microsoft Azure. We're also a Microsoft Partner, and our female founder was a Director of Engineering at Microsoft. We love AWS and Google Cloud Platform too, so we got you covered.

We have a little something for everyone, and some great pain relievers for when it comes time to do strategic and business planning, business reviews, a merger, acquisition, turnaround, or even to impress your boss for your next promotion! Quit spending 20+ hours a week in hunting for siloed, hard to piece together information and start getting stuff done with Hailio.


Hailio, with first-in-the-industry artificial intelligence for strategy execution, along with easy-on-the-eyes interactive, playful dashboards, is that enterprise tool that avoids old school over-engineering and "ugh!" moments so common when talking about strategy and OKR execution today.


Most importantly, and maybe it's because we *love* connecting the dots and helping people, we added several key partnerships so that you can be the superhero to your company, team and fellow co-workers.


In Resources, documents are of the same caliber as those produced by top-tier management consulting firms, like McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, BCG, and A.T. Kearney. Ex-consultants from these firms sell their knowledge on one of our partner sites and Hailio connects you to it so you can get them fast! Furthermore, most of these documents were developed by seasoned executives and consultants with 20+ years of experience.


That's how much we love our incredible customers. Our goal is to make your business successful for the long run.